Refill set UNO low pressure

easy refilling of implanted infusion pumps

From the 60ml preperation syringe the drug floats automatically into the 10ml deflate syringe and via a flexible tube towards the infusion pump. A backflow to the wrong direction is avoided.

Fitting tricumed refill sets are obliged to be used to refill tricumed infusion pumps. The refill set komponents are testet to bear savely the infusion pump's high inner pressure.

Special needles are tested to preserve the refill septum and the long life time of tricumed infusion pumps. To ensure the pressure resistance of the septum only entirely intact needles can be used. In case a needle is damaged a second needle inside the refill set UNOlow pressure should be used.

tricumed's refill set UNO may be used with any infusion pump developed by tricumed.

localize & refill tricumed infusion pumps

selbsttätiges Entleeren der Pumpe
Auffüllen der Befüllspritze mit Medikamentenlösung
langsames, kontinuierliches Auffüllen der Infusionspumpe aus der Auffüllspritze
Wiederholen der letzen beiden Schritte bei portionsweisem Auffüllen der Infusionspumpe...
...bis die Medikamentenlösung vollständig injiziert ist.
Abziehen der Kanüle.